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March 2024

March 2024

Disclaimer:  You are under NO obligation to read these monthly blogs I write.  These monthly ramblings are for entertainment purposes only.  You oversee the TV remote, so to speak.  If you don’t enjoy the show, move on to something else. 😊

I know that was a strange start to my Rob’s Report this month.  But for just the second time in the many years I’ve been writing these harmless essays to members I serve; I received a note from someone telling me I’m wasting my time because nobody has the patience or desire to read what I have to say. Ouch!  It’s a good thing I have think skin!  Age, life, and decades of being a REALTOR® and now an Association Executive have pretty much insulated me from the occasional arrow aimed at my good intentions.  I subscribe to the maxim that “you can’t please everyone.” 

Allow me to focus on a new support system I discovered over the past couple of months. Copper Fit Compression socks. Yep, I just said that.  Now, you might say, “Rob, why are you trying to prove your recent critics’ point by jumping to a topic like compression socks?”  To which I’d reply, “Well, it’s an analogy.”  I really do like and wear Copper Fit socks but let me try to explain why I’m even bringing up the subject.  Here goes.

Every idea, every pursuit, every joint effort by an organization needs “legs.”  Legs need energy.  And energy is fed by support.  In my first nine months here, I’ve been amazed at the level of support that our members offer through service on BRAR committee. They help with setting up events. They offer kind, warm, and supportive words to staff members. They bring creative ideas and energy to meetings. And so much more.  Never underestimate the power of your support to brighten a day and boost the overall energy of an individual or a group. You give our legs renewed strength and stamina.  You keep us moving. You are the compression socks of the association.  Weird thought, but it’s true.

It warms my heart, and I bet it warms yours too, when our actions are rewarded (supported) by a compliment or positive gesture from out of the blue.  If you want to give your soul a boost, go say something nice to someone near you after you get done reading this.  Make it a daily habit to say something kind to a friend, family member, fellow worker, or even a stranger.  That simple act has a multiplier effect.

We’ve been beaten down by negativity over the past many years through a series of events, from the pandemic to political polarization.  Many of us have fallen victim to a strange desire to jump on the judgment train being driven by social media and the keyboard warriors who live there.  Rather than being sucked into the negative vortex of “group think,” try venturing down a more positive pathway that leads to joy and a happier world. It’s a smoother road, paved by smiles and bordered by laughter.

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