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September 2023

September 2023

Greetings BRAR Friends!

I’m getting settled in here in Winchester and working well with our wonderful staff at BRAR as I celebrate my first two months on the job.  A couple things right up front.  Thank you all for your patience and kindness as we undergo some changes and improvements to our communications and outreach.  The new BRAR website is fantastic!  I’ve worked at four associations over my many years in this industry and this is the best and easiest to navigate website I’ve ever had.  Much applause to Lauri and Joanne, who did the lion’s share of work getting it up and running.  In conjunction with that change, our move to Growth Zone as your member portal to your data and registration links, etc. has been labor intensive but also well worth the effort.  This management system is intuitive and simplifies your interaction with BRAR once you are familiar with the system.  Two very big and positive changes. Call us if you have questions about either.

Your BRAR Board of Directors and Staff want the best of everything for our members.  We will be strategically planning for the coming years later this month.  Our focus must be on delivering great education, advocacy, networking opportunities and daily services in all areas to our terrific members. I promise to do my best to make this happen during my tenure at BRAR.

So, we’ve talked about tangible improvements and vision.  Maybe less tangible, but equally important, is a move toward staying positive and uplifting in all our efforts internally and externally at BRAR.  I’ve always found that a drama-free and happy association benefits all of us and gives us a great image within the communities we serve.  You all know that the REALTOR® Code of Ethics is built upon the Golden Rule. It’s always been my feeling that if we keep that in mind when dealing with each other in transactions, meetings, and all aspects of association life we can soar to new heights…and feel good about it along the way.  Please join us in making this a commitment.  Reach out to the folks inside and outside your circle and make it a habit to compliment someone each day. Show grace and patience in dealing with that newer agent who may not have been exposed yet to some of the issues involved in a tough transaction. Offer your help and guidance to uplift someone who is struggling.  You’ll benefit as much as they do from your efforts.

I just got back from an NAR Leadership Retreat.  Our incoming national President is projecting six points of light during the coming year.  Inclusivity is one of the big ones.  She also wants to see members of our local associations volunteer some time over the coming year to help our high school aged kids learn more about the financial world.  The mission is to put a REALTOR® in front of a junior year class in every high school in the nation.  If you have the time, why not reach out to one of the high schools in the area and see if you can speak to a junior class about the importance of establishing and keeping good credit; how the homebuying process works;how to budget once they are on their own, etc.    These are skills that will create a new pool of homebuyers down the road.  You can help develop them.  NAR has information at on how to plan your presentation and they will assist you with talking points.

Let’s all shine in the coming year.  Be proud of your profession and speak often of how our members contribute to better communities through our work with charities, community clubs and organizations and other volunteer endeavors.  It’s time we let our neighbors know that REALTORS® are not just out there trying to make a buck, we are out there trying to uplift everyone and everything around us.

Thanks for reading this and please know it’s my hope to meet each one of you in the coming months ahead.  I’m available to speak at office meetings for a few minutes or feel free tojust swing by and say hello.  I want you to know how much I care about this association and be assured that our staff aims to  provide you with the best service possible.  Thanks again for your patience, your kindness, and your support of BRAR.

Rob Wigton

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